Hire The Best Los Angeles Housekeepers

Are you interested in hiring the best housekeeper in Los Angeles, CA? Are you struggling with the process? Worry not as this is a common part of hiring a housekeeper.

Every family is unique, and they have their individual needs. Picking the right housekeeper to suit your unique circumstances and meet your needs is not always straightforward.

We have interviewed many families and housekeepers, and we have developed a system that enables us to find the perfect match for L.A homeowners and L.A housekeepers.

Herein we will cover our top tips that you can use to hire a housekeeper that matches your needs and expectations successfully.

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Tip #1. Determine Your Family’s Needs

Every household has their reasons for hiring a housekeeper. You might be in need of a housekeeper to replace an existing candidate, to get help in managing a new home, owing to the expansion of your home, owing to increased family activities and much more. Whatever your needs are, it essential to outline your aims and goals of hiring a housekeeper. Moreover, you should be mindful of the unique attributes your family has when determining the kind of housekeeper to hire.

For instance, you might be interested either:

  • A Head or Executive Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper Cook
  • Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper Laundress

Tip #2. Create A Well-Thought-Out Job Description

A great place to start is providing some details about your household that you deem necessary. Such information can include:

  • The general location of your home. You can include the City, zip code, and neighborhood?
  • The type of house you live in. Do you live in an apartment or house?
  • The property or residence size.
  • The number of people in the household.
  • Do you have any pets?

Apart from detailing the environment, the housekeeper will be working in, it is essential for them to know the expected schedule they will be working with upfront. For starters, decide whether you want a Live-in or Live-outside housekeeper. Moreover, if you need a special arrangement such as travel with the family sometimes, include these requirements as well.

Aside from the schedules, you need to include any special needs that a family member might have – for instance, dealing with allergies.

Create a list of duties that the candidate will need to fulfill their role as a housekeeper. To make it easier, you can arrange the list by day, week, month, or even quarterly. Thereafter, determine the salary compensation and benefits and develop a budget for the same. This will make it easier to attract the right candidate.

Read more about Housekeeper Job Description.

Tip #3. Decide The Steps To Follow In Hiring The Housekeeper

There is a variety of ways you can go in finding your ideal candidate. For instance, you can ask for recommendations from family and friends. You can take the DIY approach whereby you post your job vacancy on various platforms such as print media and online platforms and screen the applications. Finally, you can use a professional Household Staffing Agency, preferably a local one.

Tip #4. Screen Applicants

Whatever means you use to find your candidate, you must perform a proper screening of all of the candidates. Verify their experience and, importantly, determine whether they meet the job requirements.

For the best results from the screening process, I recommend that you include the following items:

  • Use photo identification to identify candidates.
  • Verify the candidates are eligible to work in the US.
  • Check the provided references and consult the previous employers.
  • Verify every candidate’s certifications and their supporting documents.
  • Perform an extensive background check.

You should review several applicants during the screening process. Do not settle on the first candidate that applies without going through other reviews. After shortlisting your preferred candidates, you should schedule interviews. You can use in-person, video, or telephone interviews. Carrying out interviews will get you closer to your final candidate.

Tip #5. Job Trial

If you need a better feel for a prospective candidate, you can request a paid trial run, whereby they work for a few days on a trial basis. During this time, you will get a better understanding of whether the candidate meets your needs. Do not be afraid to ask for a job trial as most candidates are open to the request. They also get a chance to determine whether the family suits them. You can request job trials from more than one candidate; for instance, you can request trials from the top two candidates.

The trial length should be agreed upon by the employer and the candidates before it begins. During this period, ask the candidates to perform the most important tasks to determine their skills level and eligibility to hold the housekeeping position on a full-time basis.

Tip #6. Hiring The Best Housekeeper Candidate

After the completion of the job trials, you will be in an excellent place to make an informed decision on who the right candidate is. In most cases, you might know immediately the best candidate to choose and make an offer right away. In such a case, ensure you present a written offer of employment. The offer should include salary and benefits and terms. While submitting the offer, go over the rules and regulations. Additionally, if need be, have a confidentiality agreement signed.

Following these steps will make the process of hiring a housekeeper in Los Angeles, CA, a lot easier. Importantly, it will get rid of the guesswork, increasing your chances of recruiting the best housekeepers possible.

Contracting Professional Housekeepers

As you can imagine, going through all these steps is not only time-consuming. And if you are busy with other endeavors, chances are you will not give this process a lot of thought. As such, you run the risk of hiring a housekeeper who does not meet your needs.

That said, you still need help with the housework. You will not have ample time to dedicate to cleaning your home sufficiently enough to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. In such situations, professional housekeepers can help keep your house pristinely clean.

Aside from helping households with housekeeper staffing, we also have a team of professional cleaners who can help with residential cleaning in a time-efficient and hassle-free manner. Our Los Angeles professional cleaners are experienced in assisting clients in keeping their homes clean and healthy environments.

Los Angeles is the epicenter for entertainment not only in the U.S but in the world. Moreover, it is a hub for art, commerce, technology, and finance. As a result of the role this city plays in the American economy, it attracts a lot of homebuyers from across the country and the world. In turn, there is a huge demand for housekeeping services.

The rise in demand for housekeeping services is for a reason. For starters, housekeepers are skilled in handling a wide variety of tasks. Some of the duties include:

Wardrobe Care – This responsibility involves carrying out daily laundry of your wardrobe, clothes storage, shoe care, household linen Closet organization, clothing alterations, care for fine clothing and couture gowns, and many more.

Floorcare – Floorcare involves the proper care of all the floor surfaces by selecting the right cleaning chemicals, scrubbing, sweeping, mob, and polishing the floors, etc.

Cleaning Of And Caring For Household Fixtures – This involves cleaning the washbasins, the taps, mirrors, showers, and tubs.

Surface Cleaning – This task involves dusting and polishing furniture and fitting

Room Organization – The task for this service is tidying up rooms. This will include making up beds and changing linens as needed. It also involves disposing of trash, emptying, and cleaning the trash containers.

Upholstery And Carpet Care – For this service, the housekeeping team will clean your rugs, carpets, and draperies.

Clean metal fixtures and fittings

Window, Mirror & Glass Cleaning – Involves wiping down and polishing glass surface.

Operate Cleaning And Other Equipment – This part of the job involves maintaining all cleaning equipment and materials in a safe and sanitary condition. Additionally, it will include monitoring and reporting all necessary domestic maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

Aside from the above primary responsibilities, the housekeeper may also perform the following tasks:

Food Preparation – Plan & cook meals for their clients

Kitchen cleanup using standard daily hygienic methods

Running errands for clients

Restocking and inventory control of household supplies

Answer home telephone calls and take messages

Care for typical household pets

Household budgeting and maintaining petty cash

Keep in mind that finding a housekeeper who is not only knowledgeable and skilled in handling all these tasks while being diligent and hardworking is quite hard.

At SOFLO Domestic, however, we have hardworking and honest professional housekeepers who will take care of your home in a just like you do. Take the first steps in finding the right housekeeper for you today.

SOFLO Domestics Provides Homeowners With The Best Professional Housekeepers in Los Angeles, CA

We have a proven track record of providing homeowners with housekeepers who treat their clients’ homes with the utmost care. We are incredibly selective and never compromise on our strict recruitment procedures. We only hire the very best in professional housekeepers in Los Angeles, CA.

As such, we are certain that the housekeepers we send to you will do a great job and meet your needs. Importantly, if you need help with a service that is not listed above, call us and put in your request.

Our main focus is to help you by providing the most experienced housekeepers. By supplying you with experienced housekeepers, we relieve you the stress of taking care of the housework while dealing with your busy schedule. You get a chance to live in a clean and pristine house while also be able to meet the demands of your schedule.

Give our L.A. housekeepers a try and you will not regret it. Their outstanding housekeeping services are the best in the business. Call us on +1 (424) 248-2870 or click the button below to contact us.


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