Domestic Couple

Highly experienced domestic couple for your home

Your home needs to be in the hands of a professional and highly experienced domestic couple who can excellently meet and exceed the needs of your home and SoFlo Domestics has the resources and knowledge to match the needs of your home with such couples.

Our domestic couples works and rapports excellently well with your children, elderly relatives, guests and staff. They spend quality time around your house, taking care of your home and belongings like you would personally do.

Most importantly, we run background checks on all our domestic couples to ensure they are cleared of drugs or any other issues that will inhibit their working safely within your home. Their references have also been checked and verified.

Whether you want an inside domestic couple, an outside domestic couple or an all-round domestic couple, we have them available for you.

Domestic Couple

Their roles primarily include but not limited to:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry and ironing (including caring for linens, fine fabrics, etc)
  • Household errands
  • Cooking for the family or even for dinner parties
  • Exterior maintenance of your property including furniture, terraces, windows, pool and tennis court, etc.
  • Gardening (trimming, mowing, etc)
  • Manage other staff and outside vendors
  • Planning and arranging formal dinner parties
  • Table service and other responsibilities of a butler
  • Chauffeuring when needed
  • And lots more

You can hire them as your primary household employees or to be part of your larger domestic staff. Whichever one you want, you can be sure of getting a domestic couple from us, who you can trust with the safety and smooth running of your home.

You can test the skills and excellence of our domestic couple for free, to see if they are the perfect match for your needs. If they prove their worth, then you can go on to hire them.

What more could be better than this?