Estate Manager

Looking for an estate manager in Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando or surrounding?

Due to your busy nature, having the time to oversee your various properties and assets might be a luxury you may not afford now. So you need an experienced and highly intelligent estate manager you can trust with your assets and be confident that they will act in your best interest.

That is the type of estate manager you should expect from us when you hire one of our many professional estate managers.

Our pool of estate managers with many years of hands-on experience in managing assets and portfolios will take away from you, the worries of how to keep your properties and estates running optimally and efficiently.
They will ensure your entire property is being maintained to the ultimate standard especially when you are absent, updating the administrative and legal information of the properties, providing financial reports regularly and ensuring that the staffs working in the households are finding fulfillment in their jobs.

Estate Managers

Summarily, our estate managers will perform the following tasks for you:

  • Ensuring that your property portfolio is organized, updated and properly managed
  • Take care of all the financial tasks related to the properties. These include: taxes and rates, salaries, supplies and stocks, etc
  • Stand as the link between the different parties involved in the sales, purchases and any other financial tasks related to the properties
  • Keep a proper and updated inventory of all the valuables within the properties
  • Manage the household staff and ensure they are working optimally and hitch-free
  • Manage and oversee the construction, reconstruction and renovation project within the estate
  • Take charge of the organization of important events surrounding the properties, such as sales, auctions, etc

We guarantee you that our estate mangers will maintain your properties to the highest standard and ensure you they remain assets to you and never liabilities.

Your assets and portfolios are your sweat and you don’t have to take chances on it. So we invite you to try one of our estate managers to see if he/she will perfectly fit to your needs. We are sure they will because all our estate managers have been tried and trusted.