A houseman is very versatile and can fit in to any task that you may want within your home. They usually have knowledge of general maintenance and will perform tasks from very light to very heavy ones within your household and will fit in for other staffs if needed. Today’s houseman are multi-talented, with varying skills to include; home maintenance, housekeeping, cooking, chauffeur and almost all other household duties.

SOFLO Domestics will provide you with an experienced and highly professional houseman who can adapt to your needs.

Some of the duties they will be performing for you include:

  • Housekeeping and thorough cleaning of upholstery and carpets, polishing mirrors, glass, brass, chandeliers and light fixtures
  • Helping with cooking, laundry and ironing, caring for children and pets, and laying tables
  • Performing minor household repairs, checking alarm and security systems, changing the fuses, bulbs, boiler pressure and bleeding radiator
  • Routine maintenance of all household equipment and systems
  • Responsible for the care, service and maintenance of the family’s automobiles
  • Serving at dinners and looking after the saunas, swimming pools, hot tubs and gyms
  • Driving you to meetings, airport, school runs, running errands
  • Raking leaves and gravels, jet spraying sills, outdoor furniture and exterior walls
  • Cleaning windows, steps and paths, watering plants, mowing and maintaining he garden
  • Hard cleaning of floors or waxing it, emptying bins, restocking wood and cleaning the fireplace
  • Supervising other household employees and contractors
  • And many more services you may request

Our houseman can work alone or in conjunction with other staffs, including chefs, butlers and house managers.

We guarantee you a great placement that will fit your needs and that of your household. So try any of our experienced and highly professional housemen today for free and you would certainly be using his services for a long time.