Personal Chefs

Get a Personal Chef that will prepare tasteful and healthy meals for you.

The type of food you eat has a big role to play in your health and vitality. So you will need well trained and highly experienced personal chefs to prepare tasteful and healthy meals for you and your family at anytime and anywhere. This is what we can provide for you.

We have personal chefs with extensive experience in a range of national and international cuisines, such as French, Asian, Spanish, Mediterranean, British, American and lots more.

They have great culinary skills and are very innovative, exploring new and exotic methods of preparing and presenting food. No matter your culinary requirement, we have a chef that will meet your family needs.

Personal Chefs

Take a look at the tasks our personal chefs will be doing for you:

  • Design your food menu and prepare high quality meals for you, while taking your dietary requirement or allergy restrictions into consideration
  • Catering for small to medium size dinner or cocktail parties
  • Manage your grocery shopping
  • Setting up and cleaning up your dining table

Our personal chefs have great understanding of allergy, dietary requirements and health issues. They will consult with you in menu planning, considering your request and dietary needs. This enables them to properly advise you if needs be. They are also flexible enough to adapt to your needs, whether it is travelling with you so you can always have access to your favorite meal or preparing a deluxe meal for an event with large number of guests even at short notice.

If you are in Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, Tampa, Orlando and nearby, you should try out the excellent culinary skills of our personal chefs today, at no cost to see if they will match your taste and preference, before going for a longer term placement. So you have nothing to lose.