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Experienced and Reliable Butlers/Majordomos in Los Angeles

The role of the butler has seen some dramatic changes over recent years. Once the butler was held traditional responsibilities like serving drinks, vaulting, caring for the wine cellar and such.

Today the role of butler has come to include a much wider set of responsibilities that fall into the category of house manager.

Some of these may include maintaining a household budget, making travel arrangements, driving children to school, doing the laundry and many others.

If you are looking for a butler, you will want to know exactly what responsibilities, traditional or otherwise, you would need them to take on.

You can always depend on our reputable services to provide you with the perfect butler to meet and exceed all your expectations.

Hire the Best Butlers in LA

Our database provides a resource of all the most professional and highly trained butlers who can be counted on for absolute discretion and respect.

They have been selected for their patient and approachable nature as well as their attention to detail and team-leading skills.

You can rest assured that your butler will provide you with the highest standard of excellence in all the roles you required of him.

Following is an overview of the various tasks and responsibilities you can expect of your butler:


  • Manage and maintain proper dinner layout during meals and ensure that the table is set up in the correct French or English traditional style.
  • Serve drinks to you, your family and guests with the highest standards of professionalism and also perform all other additional wait services.
  • Properly care for and fine porcelain, crystal and silverware
  • Manage the household staff
  • Answer the front door and receive visitors
  • Assist with planning and organizing parties and in-house events
  • Oversee the liquor and wine cellar inventory
  • Answer telephone calls
  • And much more

How to Find A Great Los Angeles Butler

Are you looking to hire a Butler in Los Angeles? Los Angeles has always been an exciting and glamorous place with visitors coming in from all over the world to bask in the opulence or enjoy the stylish shopping experiences only LA has to offer.

Los Angeles is the home of the rich and famous, movie stars rub elbows with business magnates, supermodels and directors and life can be very fast-paced. With all the action going on here, the services of a reliable butler will be critical to enjoying all Los Angeles has to offer.

Although a butler can improve the functionality of your life and provide much support in the managing of your affairs, only the right butler will provide this great improvement. So, how will you notice the right butler for you from a crowd of potential candidates?

The following are 3 tips to help you find the right Butler in Los Angeles:

Organizational Skills

Because they will be in charge of the order and flow of your home, your butler will need exceptional organizational skills. This will ensure that everything happens in time and in an efficient time as possible.

Familiar with Los Angeles

You may not think this is important, but it really is. Your butler will need to have a deep understanding of the local roads and routes to important locations. This will allow their operations to be smooth and easy.

Great Patience and Teamwork

This is a quality all of the best butlers wear proudly. As the head of your household staff, your butler will need to operate well with those around him and be as patient and professional through it all. The capacity to interact with all personality types with equanimity is an essential part of their outstanding nature as a butler.

Finally, you can imagine that the time and focus it takes to begin a search for the perfect butler can be considerable. The good news is that there is a simpler way to connect with extensive listings of the most reputable butlers in the Los Angeles areas.

SOFLO Domestic contains a database of butlers that meet the criteria of a suitable butler and more. In addition to being well-trained and intelligent, they possess all the necessary qualities of organization and diligence required in a proper steward.

If you are ready for all the benefits a butler can bring to your life, set up an appointment today. You can expect only the most superior services and commitment to excellence with our knowledgeable selection of Los Angeles butlers.

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