We are happy to answer all the questions you may have about our services. To save yourself time, kindly go through the Frequently Asked Questions below from clients and candidates like you, as your question may have already been answered. If we did not address your questions or concerns below, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What Areas Do You Serve?

Our household staff placement services cover the state of Florida.

Business hours:
Monday to Friday 8 AM – 5PM EST

How Does Your Process Work?

Using our services for your household staffing needs is very easy; it takes only four simple steps:

Submit Request ==> Interview ==> Job Trial ==> Job Placement.

Submit Request: Once we receive your request, we will send you our agency agreement for your review and signature. When we receive the signed agreement, we will screen our candidates to find the ones that fit your needs. We will begin sending you resumes within minimum five business days of receiving the signed agreement.

You can submit a request through our Find a Candidate Page CLICK HERE, call us or use the live chat feature on our website.

Interview: Once we find qualified candidates, we will send their resumes to you so that you can select those you would like to interview with.

Job Trial: After the interview process, you may request a job trial with the candidates of your choice in order to aid in your decision to hire. There is no fee to the agency for the job trial, however candidates must be compensated for their time.

Job Placement: Once you feel like you have found the right candidate, you can then make a job offer. Our agency requires that you contact us with a written offer of employment so that we can present it to the candidate. Upon accepting the job offer and after thorough screening the candidate becomes employed by the family, and only then will fees be due by the client.

What Is Your Candidate Screening Process?

We complete a pre-screening on every candidate that applies to our agency. This includes completing a Job application, providing various documents to prove employment eligibility, in-depth interviews etc. We also perform a complete background check (Criminal record, social security verification, past employment verification/reference check).

Candidates can browse through our Open jobs page CLICK HERE and submit their resume to the specific job they would like to apply to. You can also submit your resume even if you don’t see a position of your liking by clicking “Submit you resume for general consideration”.


You can also email us at jobs@soflodomestics.com or use our live chat feature on the website

U.S work authorization
2. Employment references
3. Previous experience working in a private home setting

What Are Your Agency Fees?

CLIENTS: Our fees are based on a percentage of the candidates’ annual salary and varies based on the location and role. There is no upfront fee, we will only bill you after successful placement.

CANDIDATE: There is no fee involved in registration or job trial

How Can I Submit A Request To Hire A Candidate?

There are several ways to send us your request:
You can submit a request through our Find a Candidate Page CLICK HERE, call us, use the live chat feature on our website OR Email us info@soflodomestics.com.

What Benefits Do You Recommend I Give To Candidates?

It is necessary that you offer some compensation benefits to your candidates as it will motivate them to give their best and work with you long term.

We’d recommend the following benefits:

1.Vacation after first year (this is for full-time placements).
2.Paid holidays
3.Sick days
4.Health insurance.
5.Other benefits you deem fit.

Am I Required To Withhold Tax From My Household Employee?

Any person who works inside or around your household is considered an employee. As an employer you are required to pay employment taxes for all household staff from nannies, housekeepers, butlers, gardeners, drivers etc.
If you need further assistance in setting up your household employee payroll check out Home Work Solutions.