Find Housekeepers that will take care of your home like you would want.

With work and family demands struggling for your time and attention, housekeeping is the least of your priorities. You thus require housekeepers that are highly experienced in managing, directing and overseeing the daily details and general operations of your home, so that your stress can be minimized. This is the type of housekeeper we are going to provide for you.

We guarantee you a placement that will treat your house like your sanctuary and take care of even the  most minute detail in it. We are able to achieve this because we apply great caution and care in choosing the best of the best housekeepers in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples and surroundings who we can trust to deliver excellent housekeeping services to you.


The responsibilities of our housekeepers will include but not limited to:

  • Ensuring your house is thoroughly cleaned and organized from top to bottom
  • Take special care of your tile surfaces, exotic hardwood, bathtubs and porcelain sinks
  • Dust your fine furnishing and your delicate exteriors
  • Taking care of your fine linens, luxurious drapes and upholstery
  • Excellent laundry services
  • Maintenance of your kitchen including marble floors and kitchen cabinets, granite countertops and copper sinks
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your high tech appliances ( refrigerator, washer, oven, dryer, TV, etc)
  • Taking excellent care of all aspects of your wardrobe
  • Helping in taking care of your pets, including daily walks, feeding, grooming and meeting veterinary appointments
  • And lots more

The bottom line is that our housekeepers are highly experienced and are going to take care of your home like it is a five-star hotel, freeing up time for you to focus on other more important areas of your life.

We invite you to try any of our highly experienced housekeepers now for free so you can confirm for yourself that they are the best hands for your home.