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While juggling the demands of work and family life, keeping up with home maintenance and organization can be a challenge. Hence the reason why selecting the most experienced and efficient staff is essential in alleviating your family from the daily worries . You therefore require household staff that are highly experienced in managing all aspects of your home.

When you hire through SOFLO Domestics, we Guarantee you a placement that will treat your house like your sanctuary and take care of even the minutest details. From housekeepers, houseman, laundress, drivers, and senior caregivers, we have all your needs covered. We are able to achieve this because we apply great caution and care in choosing the best household staff in Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, Tampa, Orlando and surroundings , who we can trust to deliver excellent household services to you.



With work and family demands struggling for your time and attention, housekeeping is the least of your priority. You thus require…



A houseman is very versatile and can fit in to any task that you may want within your home. They usually have knowledge of general…



You will love your clothing and linens to always look clean and smart, but work schedule and other important engagements might not give…



You or any member of your family would have places to go: work, meetings, school, airport, events, etc. Our professional and highly experienced drivers….

Family Assistant


Family Assistant


Sometimes, you just need some help around the house. Family Assistants, also known as house assistants, are prepared to do just that. They can help you complete any errands you need done.

Senior Caregiver


Senior Caregiver


If you have an elderly one that needs help with their basic needs like doing laundry, taking their medications correctly and on time, bathing or driving…

We are a Florida based agency serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Naples, Tampa Bay and Nearby communities, Orlando, Florida Keys.

Our Candidate Screening Process:

  • In Depth Interview
  • CPR & First Aid Training
  • Skills Testing and Training
  • Reference Check
  • Background Check
  • Social Security Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • No Obligation Free Job Trial