House Managers

A House manager you can trust with your household.

Would you want a manager for just your household? Then you will need the assistance and expertise of our professional house managers.

A house manager is like a localized version of the estate manager. While the estate manager oversees the activities of multiple properties, house managers takes care of a single property and usually has more hands-on and performs many of the service tasks themselves while delegating some to others if there exist other staffs.

Our house managers are highly organized, very intelligent and are excellent at multi-tasking. They are also very experienced at training and managing other staffs within your household to ensure your household runs optimally.

You can rest assured that you will get a highly trustworthy and reliable manager from us that will efficiently handle all matters concerning your household, including household budgeting and expenses.

House Managers

Here are typical tasks that our house managers will perform for you:

  • Hiring, training and supervising other staffs within your household
  • Planning, coordinating and facilitating events within the house and working closely with family members and outside vendors to ensure the event goes smoothly
  • Managing the household budget and negotiating and approving the invoices from vendors
  • Run errands within the household and act as a chauffeur if needed
  • Supervise all projects and contracts going on within the household and negotiating with the contractors, vendors and subcontractors.
  • Ensures that appointments, engagements and schedules of family members are met
  • Provide daily or monthly property report to you so that you can be updated on what is happening within your household or property.

When you hire our professional, intelligent and highly experienced house manager, you can go about your daily activities with the confidence that your household is in order.

So why not try the services of one of our house managers right away for free by contacting us?

We guarantee you that you will be amazed with the excellence with which he performs his duties and how he gets the rest of your staffs to work together in harmony for your good.