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You know how it feels when you are unable to watch your own children.

You love them very much and want to ensure they always feel loved and receive the best levels of comfort and care.

That is why leaving them with a babysitter is so difficult.

SOFLO Domestics understands how you feel. That is why our entire staff works very hard to ensure that every New York City nanny is the ideal fit for the family they serve.

Many of us are parents as well. So we go beyond your expectations to ensure that you have a capable, trustworthy, and above all else, a caring nanny in charge of taking care of your children.

Nanny Agency NYC
Raising children is a great idea when you are doing it in one of the leading cities in the country like New York City. It is the ideal place for parents to raise children and enjoy themselves. However daily life can be very hectic in the Big Apple and it can be quite complicated to find enough time to care for your children and that can lead to some kids being neglected. That is why it is so important to be fully informed when deciding on the Best Nanny Agency in New York City.

SOFLO Domestics provides the highest quality childcare services so you won’t need to worry about your children ever feeling unsafe or neglected. SOFLO Domestics provides professional childcare placement services for baby nurses, babysitters, and nannies in New York City and surrounding New York communities.

What services do we offer ?

We provide all types of nannies. Those types can range from short-term and temporary nannies to summer nannies, live out nannies, and live-in nannies. As a professional NYC nanny agent, we only appoint the most capable and skilled nannies to each home. We recruit and screen qualified nannies who truly understand and care about children. Our candidates are all required to have at least three years of related recent work experience, current first aid and CPR training, be drug-free, pass a comprehensive nationwide background check, and have a high school diploma at minimum.

When parents have a nanny to take care of their children it makes it easier for them to have more time to work at their jobs and to be able to focus more on their children. Our nannies play an important role in helping parents in many areas and serving as their assistant. That includes making sure the children have plenty of fun, handing child transport needs, and preparing meals for the kids. You can rest assured with our childcare services that your children are always well taken care of and you won’t need to worry about their safety or well-being.

If you are searching for a reputable nanny agency in New York City, please contact our SOFLO Domestics experts today.

SOFLO Domestics in New York City Will Provide You With Honest and Trustworthy Nannies

Here at SOFLO Domestics we only hire nannies in New York City that we would trust with caring for our own children. You can trust our nannies if we can. They will give your children all of the security, care, and love that they need all the way through to their adolescence when they get to the age when they can start to care for themselves.

From the very first visit, you will receive the right nanny to care for your children. That is because we put a lot of effort into locating the most caring, empathic, and qualified nannies possible. Each of our nannies is able to a wide range of jobs to meet the needs of your children.

You Can Look Forward to Receiving the Following Services From Our Experienced and Skilled Nannies:

– Preparing nutritious, delicious, and healthy snacks and meals for your children
– Ensuring that your children’s environment is always sanitary and safe
– Bathing your children on a regular basis to ensure they realize how important good hygiene is
– Attending sporting events, playdates, and other types of social events that are well-suited for their age groups
– Helping them reach potty training and other developmental goals
– Work with each child to help improve their fine motor skills
– Adhere to your guidelines for discipline and to report any issues to you.

Have time to work on other activities that are important to you without having to worry about your children. You can rest assured that our nannies will care for them with the highest possible level of care. You can trust in SOFLO Domestics to provide you with the most trustworthy nannies in New York City.

Try out our New York City Nannies for yourself and you will find out what an excellent job we can do for your entire family. Click on the button below or call us today to get started.


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