Nanny teaching infant letters & numbers using puzzle pieces.

What is a Rota Nanny?

The term ROTA is used to describe a nanny/childcare professional who provides continuous care for a specified period between 1 to 2 weeks or more and receives the equivalent time off while another ROTA nanny takes over the same schedule to provide relief.  Rota nannies live-in with families and provide 24/7 care.

More and more families are opting for these childcare arrangements.  For busy Business Executives, Celebrities, VIP, UHNW and Royal families, having ROTA nannies is significant in being able to fully function professionally and personally while ensuring their children receive the highest level of care. The ROTA schedule is ideal for families who travel frequently, maintain multiple residences, have a busy business and social calendar. These nannies offer full flexibility to travel and are available at a moment’s notice, with no fuss. It’s what they sign up for and both parties have a clear understanding of this arrangement.

Other reasons why ROTA nannies are so highly sought after.

Education: They are well educated and most likely have a college degree or have undergone training, certification and qualifications in early childhood development.  They are talented, show interest in sports, the arts, some are bilingual, have obtained childcare and safety certifications, show interest in continuous learning, and are always up to date with current trends. They are well travelled and possess the right etiquette and formality to fit in seamlessly within a family, while providing discretion.

Unique Hobbies and Interest:  The pool of ROTA nannies comes with various talents that they can offer in educating and developing well rounded children.  Some nannies can tutor and help the child learn a second language, some are knowledgeable and educated in various teaching methods, they play an instrument, have interest in the arts, they are outdoor enthusiasts and very creative. They are active, adventurous and create fun activities to always keep the child engaged.

Long-term Commitment: The ROTA schedule is highly sought after.  Many nannies who have landed ROTA nanny opportunities are excited to work an extended period and be able to get the same amount of time off. It offers a great work life balance. Many look forward to the time off, which allows them to plan short travels in between, work on personal projects and meet other goals while maintaining a full-time work schedule with a family.  Although the ROTA Schedule is 24/7 these nannies are happier and perform very well because they have upcoming extended time off.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Experience Level: ROTA nannies are career focused and most likely have worked for HNW, Celebrity, formal households who expect a high level of service, discretion and confidentiality. They understand the ins and outs of the ROTA lifestyle. They are professional, can manage children’s calendars, great communicators, can work well with a team, and require little supervision.


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