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It’s absolutely natural for parents to be uneasy when they are not the ones watching over their children. This is because a parent’s natural instinct is to always want to be the one to show their children all the love and care in the world.

SOFLO Domestics is a company that helps you recruit the best nannies that are compatible with your family.

This is easy for us to understand because our team is comprised of actual parents who feel exactly the same way. This is one of the reasons why we go the extra mile to recruit the best nannies in Palm Beach for your home.

These child care professionals will give you no reason to worry about the state of your home, as they are so professional that they give you the full confidence in the fact that your children are safe and happy in their presence.


Palm Beach County is a place known for its charm. People visit Palm Beach every year for holidays and to see nature at its best. Located near the Atlantic Ocean, Palm Beach has several sites that will ensure you have an excellent time.

Norton Museum of Art, Lion Country Safari, Palm Beach Zoo, Flagler Museum, Rapids Water Park, South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, Singer Island and several others are what the Palm Beach County offers you. These are all great places that your are sure to have a great time.

If you live here, chances are that you are one of those busy types who are always tied up with business and social life, which doesn’t leave much time to attend to all the needs of your children.

You will therefore need to contact a Palm Beach Nanny Agency to help you find a nanny who will stand in for you and provide care for your children while you are busy. This will ensure your children’s welfare doesn’t stand in the way of your success.

There are several things that a nanny can help you with around the house.

Let us take a look at some of them.

  • Feeding, diapering and dressing your newborn: This is one of the primary duties of a nanny. They will feed, clean and help in dressing your kids.
  • Laundry and care for children’s clothing: The nanny is in charge of the laundry, care and organization of the children’s wardrobe. This will lighten the load on your back so you can get to concentrate on other things.
  • Maintaining the children’s room: The nanny’s function extends to cleaning the children’s room and ensuring that everything is in order
  • Bedtime routine: They also help in putting your kids to bed. They can sing rhymes for them and read them bedtime stories.
  • Take them out to parties and parks: The nanny helps in ensuring that your kids have an active social life. They can take them to those exciting parks at Palm Beach and also accompany and supervisor them on play-dates.

Finding and hiring a good nanny who can deliver these services diligently will take much of the limited time you have and that is why we recommend using the help of a nanny agency in Palm Beach.

The nanny agency will take their time to do thorough assessment on the nanny to ensure they are a good fit for you before recommending them to you.

We are one of such agencies and we have in our database, experienced and emphatic nannies that will take care of your children just like you would if you had all the time.

Contact us now so we can know what you need in a nanny and we will show you the best nanny in Palm Beach that will deliver just that to you. Hire a Palm Beach Nanny

SOFLO Domestics in Palm Beach Will Provide You With Trustworthy Nannies

At SOFLO Domestics, we only offer you nannies in Palm Beach that we would allow into our own homes. As long as these are nannies that we can easily trust with our own children, then you can have the confidence in the fact that they will give your children all the love, security, care and training that is necessary for their development into the ideal adolescent.

We do not make recruitment errors while hiring nannies because our recruitment process is designed to filter out only the most qualified and empathetic professional nannies that are capable of handling many tasks.

Services The Palm Beach Nannies at SOFLO Domestics Will provide:

  • Making very healthy, nutritious and delicious snacks and meals for your children
  • Making sure that your children are in safe and clean environments at all times
  • Giving your children excellent baths, whilst giving them lessons on personal hygiene
  • Following your children to every single social event they participate in like sporting activities and play-dates
  • Teaching your children the necessary developmental milestones like potty training, bedtime, etc.
  • Working with each child to improve his or her fine motor skills, and…
  • Implementing your disciplinary guidelines in training your children and giving you direct feedback
  • All these and many more

Our professionals grant you the luxury of going to work to do other important things while they hold down the fort for you. Let our nannies easily take care of your children, giving you one less thing to worry about every day.

So click the button below or call us today at (305) 515-2625 to get started!