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Parents usually find it very difficult to be away from their children, and this is a feeling most parents are very familiar with. This is a major reason why it’s important to hire a staff that makes you feel comfortable, the kind of person that you are certain will help nurture your children exactly the way you would.

The childcare services we offer at SOFLO Domestics gives you an all-around feeling of joy and satisfaction which comes from knowing that your children are safe. You can rest assured for the safety and well-being of your children because of the rigorous screening process for our childcare candidates.

SOFLO Domestics is a company that specializes in the offering of professional childcare services that are for nannies, babysitters, governesses and baby nurses in the city of Miami, FL. If you ever find yourself wanting to hire the best domestic workers in Miami, contact us today at (305) 515-2625
to get started.

Child Care


It is completely natural for a parent to feel uneasy about leaving their children with other people. This is because caring for children is a type of love that parents are best suited to give. You care for your children and want to give them the best at all times.

Child Care

Baby Nurse

Newborn babies are very delicate beings. Taking care of them properly requires someone with a lot of experience in raising babies. It is our primary duty to help you find a baby nurse in Miami with a lot of experience and passion for handling your children.

Child Care


Most well-mannered children are usually the ones who’ve been given the opportunity to learn etiquette and manners. If you find yourself lacking the time for such an important aspect of your life, our governesses are on standby to help as soon as possible.

At SOFLO Domestics, we offer our incredible range of services across the city of Miami and the surrounding areas.

Our Candidate Screening Process:

  • Thorough In-Depth Interview
  • Training in CPR & First Aid
  • Skills Testing and Training
  • Reference Check
  • Background Investigation
  • Social Security Check
  • Employment Check
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • No Obligation Free Job Trial


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