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Welcome to SOFLO Domestics of Los Angeles, CA

As a working parent, it can be hard to juggle the stresses of work and caring for your family. As a working individual, getting busy from time to time is perfectly okay; however, when work starts affecting home organization and maintenance, then it becomes an issue.

When looking for domestic staffing in Los Angeles to help you with the management of your home, take time to consider who you choose to help you manage your home. That way, the pressure of managing both worlds by yourself will overwhelm you. When choosing domestic staff, try and make sure that the people you hire have a combination of compassion and experience.

At SOFLO, we make sure that all our staff goes through a strict screening process to ensure that they are the best people to work for you. We have a history of continually recognizing the potential in the workers we hire. And this has allowed us to continuously pick the best staff to work in your home and cater to your specific needs.

Once you hire through SOFLO Domestic in Los Angeles, you can rest assured that the domestic staff we assign you are well-trained to keep your home idyllic. Not only does our team have high regard for your privacy and space, but they also are professionals who pay close attention to every single detail.

Irrespective of whatever you are looking for – be it housekeepersdrivers, senior caregivers, or a houseman – we’re here to help make the process a seamless one for you.

Our staff is the best in Los Angeles, and that’s why we are the best. You can rest assured that the workers we hire will deliver the kind of domestic solutions and quality you want.

Los Angeles Household Staffing Agency


As a busy person, you obviously have a lot on your plate. As time goes by, keeping up with different household chores and activities can become a drag. If you need a housekeeper, we can be of help…

Los Angeles Household Staffing Agency


When it comes to the general maintenance of your home, a houseman is the best option. Our housemen are the best solution to lift the cumbersome task of home maintenance off your shoulders…



With a laundress, you never have to stress about laundry or worry about looking clean and dressing smart every single day of the week. Need a laundress in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered…

Los Angeles Household Staffing Agency


As a busy person that moves around a lot, driving yourself from place to place for work, meetings, to catch a plane, etc. can be quite stressful. Driving can take up a lot of your time. Our drivers can assist with all your navigational needs…

Los Angeles Household Staffing Agency

Family Assistants


Maybe you just need some help around the house. Family Assistants, also known as house assistants, are prepared to do just that. They can help you accomplish any errands you may need to be completed. Or they can just be there to keep you company.

Los Angeles Household Staffing Agency

Senior Caregivers

We all have seniors under our care that we love and who cannot handle their daily needs all by themselves. Our senior caregivers can help with things like laundry, helping them take a bath, ensuring they take their medication on time, and so forth…

SOFLO Domestics is a Los Angeles-based household staffing agency that serves the residents of Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas.

Our Staff Screening Process:

  • Training in First Aid and CPR
  • In-Depth Proper Interview
  • Training and Testing of Skills
  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checking
  • Employment Verification
  • Social Security Verification
  • Non-Obligatory Free Job Trial
  • Confidentiality Agreement


Phone: +1(424) 248 2870
Email: info@soflodomestics.com


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