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Welcome to Soflo Domestics of Miami, Florida

Every establishment requires some form of management and this includes your home. You could manage your home yourself, but that could be a lot of work, especially for a busy person. Handing over management to someone else sometimes could require entrusting them with some of your most valuable possessions and hoping that they care for them exactly the way you would.

Sometimes, home management, coupled with work could be one of the clogs holding you back from having a balanced life, this is one of the many reasons why you would need a manager for your home. When hiring, you will need to hire an experienced person, who is also trust-worthy and confident in his/her abilities. Our wide network of estate managers is well-equipped with the skills they need to manage your estate properly.

The Miami household manager would easily take your mind off worrying about running your properties and estate, and you can then utilize your newly found free time to do other things. Our household managers in Miami range from Personal Assistants to Domestic Couples, Butler, Personal Chef and Estate Manager.


Estate Manager

If you have a wide range of properties and assets, and you also happen to be too busy to manage them, it is our duty to help you find the most qualified estate manager to help you with this…


House Managers

If you seek a manager for just your household alone, we also have experience in helping to hire the most qualified and professional staff that will keep your home in the best shape possible. Our house…




The traditional duties of a butler have evolved over the years to encompass more responsibilities, and we ensure that the butlers we hire on your behalf stay up to date with these trends…


Personal Assistants

If you need a lot of weight thrown off your shoulder, or you need someone to help you manage your busy schedule in the most efficient manner, our professional personal assistants in Miami will make this look easy…


Personal Chefs

Your general health and well-being are highly dependent on the kind of food you eat. This is why you will require some of the finest chefs in Miami to keep your diet straight and delicious at the same time…



Domestic Couple

Sometimes it’s not enough to have one person running your home. In such scenarios, the ideal team would be a domestic couple in Miami who will work together to ensure that your standards are met…

SOFLO Domestics is a Florida-based household staffing agency serving Miami, FL and the surrounding areas.

The Screening Process For Our Candidates Also Entails:

  • In-Depth Proper Interview
  • Training in CPR & First Aid
  • Skills Testing and Training
  • Reference Check
  • Background Investigation
  • Social Security Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • No Obligation Free Job Trial


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