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Hire Housekeeper New York, NY

Are you looking to hire housekeeper New York, NY and not sure where to begin? I know every family has their unique needs and it’s not always easy to pick the right candidate that suits you. As a recruiter I have interviewed with many families and housekeepers, and take the same steps to successfully create a match. Today, I will cover six steps to help you find the right housekeeper for your family.

1.Determine your household needs

For many families the need to hire a housekeeper is based on various circumstances. Some includes, the purchase of a new residence, expansion of your home, replacement of an existing candidate, increase in the family’s activities and more. Identifying your needs, will help you outline a plan to hire. Based on your family and household style, you will need to determine the type of housekeeper that suits you.

Here are some Housekeeper job titles to know:

  • Executive or Head Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper Cook
  • Housekeeper Laundress

2. Create a Job Description

Start by providing some information about your household to include;

  • The location of the residence. You can include the neighborhood, City, State and zip code.
  • The type of residence. It is a house or an apartment.
  • The size of the home and property.
  • The number of persons in the household
  • Any pets

Decide on a schedule, to include the days and hours that service is needed. Decide if you need the candidate to Live-In or Live – outside the residence. As every family is unique, please ensure to include any special request, for example travel with the family, any allergies, etc. Create a list of all the duties that will be required to full-fill this job role. You can arrange the list by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly task. Determine a Budget for salary compensation and benefits that will attract the right candidate.

More information on Housekeeper Job Description.

3.Decide how you will go about in hiring the housekeeper.

There are several ways you can go about finding candidates;

  • Ask for recommendation from friends and families.
  • Do It Yourself – Post the job vacancy and screen applicants through various platforms, Online, Print Media etc.
  • Go-through a Household Staffing Agency that serves your community.

4. Screen Applicants

Whichever way you decide to find a candidate, it is important to perform to proper screening to verify the candidate’s experience and determine if they meet the job requirements.

I recommend that you include the following in the candidate screening process;

  • Identify candidates through a photo identification.
  • Verify the candidates eligibility to work in the US
  • Conduct Reference Checks with previous employers
  • Verify Certifications and supporting documents presented by the candidate.
  • Perform a Background Check

You may need to review several applicants before you can short list the most qualified candidates. Once you have short listed your applicants, it’s time to schedule telephone, video and in-person interviews. After completing interviews, you will be closer to your decision.

5. Job Trial

For families who may need more certainty, you can ask the candidate to work for a few days on a trial basis so you can determine if they are a good fit for your family. Most candidates are open to a job trial as they can find out if the family suits them. You can trial more than one candidate. I would recommend your best two. The length of the trial should be agreed upon by both clients and candidates based on their availability. Please ensure that the candidate/s is asked to performs the most important skills that you believe is needed to full-fill this role.

6. Hire your Housekeeper Candidate

After the job trial is complete, you will be ready to make a decision to hire the right candidate. You may know immediately and will be ready to present an offer. I recommend presenting a written offer of employment to include terms, salary and benefits offered. It is also the time to present any rules and regulation and if needed a request to sign a confidentiality agreement. If the candidate accepts the offer your hard work becomes a success.

If you follow these steps you will find that the process to hire housekeeper New York, NY if done right will help you ease the stress and save you time.

What are some steps that you took to hire your household staff? Please feel free to comment below.

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