Our Nanny Service

As a parent, you can hardly be at peace with yourself when your eyes are not watching over your precious children. You love them so much and want the best of care, love, and comfort for them. At SOFLO Domestics we help you hire nannies that are the right fit for your family.

We understand that perfectly because we are parents too and that is why we go beyond boundaries just to get you a nanny that will keep your mind at peace, knowing full well that your precious little ones are in safe hands.

Here at SOFLO Domestics, we only provide you with nannies that we can keep in our own home. If we can trust them with our own children, you can also be rest assured that they will give your children the love, care, security and training they need till they get into adolescence when they will no longer need to be watched over.


SOFLO Domestics Will Provide You With Trustworthy Nannies

We always get the right nannies to our clients the first time, because we take our time to find only the best, qualified and empathetic nanny for your kids that can perform a variety of tasks. When you hire nannies through us, here are some of the skills provided by our experienced candidates.

You Can Look Forward to Getting the Following Services With Our Experienced Nannies:

  • Preparing very nutritious, healthy, delicious meals and snacks for your children
  • Ensuring your children’s environment are clean and safe at all times
  • Bathing your children and helping them embed the culture of personal hygiene
  • Accompanying your children to playdates, sporting and other social events suitable for their age
  • Helping them in achieving developmental milestones like sleep training, potty training, etc.
  • Monitoring and working with them to develop fine motor skills
  • Following your discipline guidance in training your children and reporting directly to you
  • And lots more

You can go to work or engage in any other important activity you might want to without having to worry about your children, because our nannies will handle them just like you would.