Let Our Governess Give Your Child the Best of Training.

If you would want a governess who would take responsibility for the education, etiquette, and manners of your children, then you need to hire one of our governesses.

We know and understand that a governess has a great influence and leaves an impression that lasts in the lives of the children under their care, so we are very meticulous in choosing the governess we assign to you.

We ensure that they not only have a teaching degree and the ability to create a curriculum that will fit into the unique needs of your children, but they must also be passionate about children and go the extra mile just to help children learn effectively.

Our governesses in addition to providing educational and training assistance to your children, they also provide non-educational care.


Some of the duties you should expect our governess to efficiently and effectively carry out for you will include:

  • Teach and educate your child in the home setting
  • Preparing your children for a school entrance examination
  • Supervising their homework and helping them learn
  • Accompanying them on the school run
  • Ensuring they adhere to correct etiquette and good manners
  • Bathing them when necessary
  • Preparing healthy meals for them and ensuring they develop good eating habits
  • Keeping their room clean and tidy
  • Laundry, wardrobe maintenance and organization of their closets

Here at SOFLO Domestics, we have a culture of providing you with only the best of staff and so when you hire our governess, you should expect someone who will adhere to your principles and bring up your children in the manner that you would yourself.

We invite you to try any of our highly experienced for free to see if they fit your needs. We are sure you would love them and hire them.