Get a Babysitter You Can Trust With Your Kids.

While you are away for work or any other important engagement, you need babysitters who will take care of your kids like you would, ensuring their hygiene, safety, and entertainment. SOFLO Domestics will provide you with one that will give you peace of mind wherever you are.

Your children are going to enjoy the time spent with our babysitters because they are highly interactive with children and will keep the children highly entertained and engaged.


SOFLO Domestics Will Provide You With Trustworthy Babysitters

Our babysitters are highly experienced and will strictly follow your specific disciplinary protocol and preferences with regards to the treatment of your children. So you will rest assured that your children are in safe hands when they are with our babysitter. The tasks that our babysitters will typically perform for you include but are not limited to:

You Can Look Forward to Getting the Following Services With Our Experienced Babysitters:

  • Supervising your children and ensuring that their mental and physical health and safety is guaranteed
  • Planning and accompanying them to play-dates, theme parks, and outdoor events
  • Preparing and feeding healthy meals for your children
  • Changing the nappy of your children, washing them and dressing them
  • Light cleaning of children rooms, playroom, and care for their personal items
  • Ensuring your children are highly entertained, playing with them and organizing games for them
  • Providing support and input educationally according to your specifications, including homework supervision, teaching new skills and conducting certain physical and or mental exercises, etc.

You can be confident and at rest while you are away, knowing full well that your children are in safe hands.

So go ahead and hire one of our highly experienced babysitters and test their service to see that they are the right fit for your children.

We guarantee you that you and your children are going to fall in love with the services of the babysitter.