Baby Nurse

Hire a Baby Nurse That Will Understand and Take Care of Your Newborn.

Taking care of your newborn is a specialized task that requires the assistance and expertise of very passionate and experienced people. You, therefore, need a baby nurse that has experience and a deep understanding of the various developmental stages of newborns.

Our baby nurse will not just take care of your newborn, but will also offer you the support, comfort, and reassurance needed as a mother of a newborn, especially within the first few weeks after the baby is born. She will thus teach you the necessary techniques you need to know to be able to effectively take care of your newborn including how to deal with gas, colic and excessive crying.

Baby Nurse

SOFLO Domestics will give you a highly experienced and empathetic baby nurse that will take special care of your newborn including but not limited to the following:

  • Sleep training
  • Feeding, diapering and dressing your newborn
  • Laundry and care of your newborn wardrobe
  • Cleaning and sterilize bottles
  • Bathing the baby
  • Maintaining the newborn’s room
  • Bedtime routine of newborns
  • Umbilical and circumcision care of your baby
  • Upkeep of the nursery and the baby’s personal items
  • Restocking baby items
  • Accompany parents to doctors visits

Since you will be spending many hours together with the baby nurse, we always recommend that you meet with her face to face to interact with her so that you can be sure that her personality and skills are the right fit for you.

We do this for you without any upfront fees because we want you to enjoy the best of newborn parenting. If you are looking to hire a baby-nurse in Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, Tampa and Orlando, do not delay in contacting us to send one of our baby nurses to you as you have nothing to risk.