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It’s typical for parents to have anxiety about being away from their children and other parents easily understand this feeling. This is one of the big reasons why hiring staff can help parents relax. If they know that the person looking after them is going to care for them and nurture them in the same way the parents would, then their anxiety will go away.

Our childcare services provide satisfaction and joy for parents because they know with certainty that their children are safe. Your children’s well-being and safety are assured in part because of our very rigorous screening process when interviewing candidates that provide services to parents.

At SOFLO Domestics our specialty is professional childcare services. We have babysitters, nannies, governesses, and baby nurses in NYC. If you want the best domestic workers available in New York City then you should give us a call.

NYC Childcare Professionals


It’s common for parents to feel somewhat uneasy when they first leave their children with a new nanny. The proper care of children requires a great deal of love and parents are the ones best suited to give it. Of course, as parents you want your children to have the best.


Baby Nurse

Newborns are extremely delicate. When someone is taking care of them it requires a lot of experience. One of our main duties is to help parents find a baby nurse in New York City that has the experience as well as the passion for handling children the way you would want.

NYC Childcare Professionals


Very well-mannered children usually develop that way when they’re introduced to proper etiquette and good manners. If as a parent you don’t feel you have the time to work with your children in this aspect then our governesses are a perfect choice and ready to help.

We have a large range of services that we offer throughout New York City and its surrounding area. When we screen candidates we do so using an in-depth interview and reference check. We provide training in first aid and CPR and we have skills training and testing. We do a social security check and a background investigation. Our candidates have their past employment checked and they sign a confidentiality agreement. We have a no-obligation free trial.

Our Candidate Screening Process:

  • In Depth Interview
  • CPR & First Aid Training
  • Skills Testing and Training
  • Reference Check
  • Background Check
  • Social Security Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • No Obligation Free Job Trial