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Are You Ready To Choose The Best Palm Beach Butler?

Throughout the years, the traditional role of the butler has changed from simply being responsible for table service, valet, wine cellar service and serving drinks and food to a much larger scope.

This includes driving children to school, laundry service, maintaining the household budget, arranging travel plans and much more.

If you have been searching for a butler that is going to be able to provide all of the necessary function s you are looking for, you will be able to count on us to provide a truly professional and skilled butler that is going to be able to meet all of your needs.

We have an extremely large database that is filled with skilled and experienced butlers that have been trained to be respectful and discreet when concerning your privacy but are also loyal, welcoming and patient.

They are highly skilled at team management and know the finer art of paying close attention to the details of the home.

Hire the Best Butlers in Palm Beach

You can rest easy knowing that the butlers we provide will be able to offer assistance with any service you may need.

The following are just a few of the services our butlers are able to provide for you:


  • Our butlers will create a proper layout and maintain table service throughout the meal while ensuring a traditional French or English style.

  • They will serve drinks to your family and friends with the highest in professional standards as well as typical wait services.

  • In addition, they will clean and maintain porcelain, crystal and valuable silverware.

  • Greet and receive guests at the front door and supervision of visitor’s reception.

  • The planning and organizing of in-home parties.

  • Answering the home phone.

  • Management of other household staff.

  • Supervision and inventory of liquor and wine cellar.

  • As well as many other valuable functions

How To Find The Best Palm Beach, Florida Butler

The city is home to many prestigious and affluent companies With this in mind, many residents live a very hectic lifestyle, making a butler an absolute must for life in Palm Beach.

A typical butler is going to be able to help with various household duties, but many butlers are simply not going to be able to meet your expectations. One must ask how it’s possible to know a good butler at first sight.

The following tips are going to help you choose the best Palm Beach butler:

Organizational Skills

An excellent butler must have outstanding organizational skills. A butler is basically going to be in charge of almost all aspects of the home. They will need the ability to coordinate various efforts between the members of the household staff to ensure the days run smoothly.

Familiar With The Palm Beach Area

Many people would not consider this to be an essential aspect of choosing a butler. However, it is actually a rather important hiring aspect. A butler needs to know about all the various points of Palm Beach. This is going to ensure that all plans and activities run smoothly.

Teamwork and Patience

Butlers do not only work with members of the family but with other members of the household staff.

With this in mind, a great deal of patience is needed. This quality ensures they are able to work with all types in an outstanding and professional manner.

You are a busy individual with many responsibilities throughout the day that require your care and attention.

You do not have the time that is needed to seek out the perfect butler for your needs. Thankfully, there is a better way to find a butler that is available to you.

SOFLO Domestic has a full database of highly skilled butlers that will meet all of the above criteria and more.

These professionals have been thoroughly trained to ensure they are able to fully manage your household in a diligent and efficient manner.


Our butlers are fully knowledgeable in social etiquette and formal services. They also excel at mixology, wines and gourmet cuisine.

You will not go wrong by choosing one of our experienced and faithful butlers to work within your home.

Try one of our butlers today and see how good they truly are. You will not be disappointed.

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