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Find the Best Baby Nurse in New York City

It is wise always to hire a baby nurse that will understand and knows how to take care of a newborn. Remember, taking care of a newborn is a field that comes with specialized tasks, which demands the assistance and expertise of not only a passionate person but experienced in the field. For this reason, you need a baby nurse with the experience and a deep understanding of different development stages of a newborn.

Our baby nurses are not only experienced but trained on ways to take care of newborns. They will offer comfort, support, and reassurance every mother needs, especially during the first few weeks after the baby has been born. Furthermore, the nurse will teach you all the necessary techniques you need to learn how to take care of your newborn. This will include on ways to deal with colic, gas, and excessive crying.

Baby Nurse NYC

With SOFLO Domestics, you will get an empathetic and highly experienced baby nurse that will take special care of a newborn. Their services also include:

  • Newborn bedtime routine
  • Bathing the baby
  • Maintaining a newborn’s room
  • Sterilizing and cleaning bottles
  • Wardrobe care and laundry
  • Restocking baby items
  • Sleep training
  • Nursery upkeep
  • Diapering, dressing, and feeding a newborn
  • Circumcision and umbilical care
  • Accompanying the parent during doctor visits
Because our baby nurse will not only be spending a lot of time with your baby but with you also; we recommend our clients first to meet face to face with our baby care nurses. The aim is to ensure their personality and skills match your standards.

We do all this without asking for any upfront fees because we want you to enjoy the blessing of being a newborn parent. As such, if you are looking for a baby nurse in New York City, do not be afraid to give us a call.


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